Martha Damus

Experienced FLUX-tourist with favorite activities for each region she visits, such as: Taking endless strolls out of curiosity through supermarkets and malls in foreign countries. Euphorically ordering exotic dishes in small, unflashy snack bars. Sitting around in public places and – perfectly disguised through inconspicuous behavior like reading or eating – studying people. She has much compressed her luggage over time; nevertheless, a pair of sun glasses and an insect repellent have to be in her bag! An old T4 being her favorite means of transport, it always stops along the way and allows her to open the black door of its trailer…

Bummer, dreamer and motorised miles collector. Favors flat land which is slightly too warm and windless for locomotion. Nevertheless living near the coast for good reason… Enjoys travelling from one place to another more than actually being in one of them and is, at all times enjoying sensory experience. Being a vagabond, he is out and about in disciplines crossing his way; sometimes heading here, there, and everywhere for this and that.

Seeman, nomad of the arts, lover of clear water and warm oceans especially if surrounded by mountains; métier: long-distance journeys right here and right now – whersoever.

Well-versed FLUX-tourist; does regularly suffer from the travel bug and passes it on to the travel partner straight away; counteractions: letting her finger travel on the tourist map, slide shows with prawn cocktails, swinging her hips for several minutes to salsa or – if all else fails – taking off with the paper aeroplane.

Loves nothing better than journeys to the cellar or the to the attic, strolls around the block or to the construction site around the corner. Searching for paths offside the main streets and short cuts leading through garages and gardens; hiking up and down the island of Rügen’s coast, gathering driftwood in Portugal, attempted to ride the bike to North Cape but only made it half, but fully to Paris still on bike, was camping on the roundabout in Versailles until the police and rain came, sailed around the island of Hiddensee and through the Öresund under heavy fog, can stand upright on a surfboard – only shortly on water, better sliding down the hill, did later fly to the land of the rising sun and the permanent smile, trip of a lifetime: Iceland