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Normally, travel agencies are outlets of a world-wide working romanticism industry. On offer: standardised places of longing with which potential buyers are courted by the tourist trade. FLUX-tours, in contrast to that, is a ambulant, stationary and virtual travel agency, made by tourists for tourists! Equipped with mobile art rooms and action rooms, a team of artists travels to places in which longings come into being and straight away escape from: an estate of prefabricated houses, a deserted industrial area or a gap site. This is where FLUX-tours comes in and creates romantic counter images to join in or keep up. Visitors of the stationary travel agency as well as those following from home, can join in via internet. The team of FLUX-tours likes to think of romanticism as an encouragement to encounter reality attentively, creatively, and imaginatively, to go through visionary potential for change. Art is seen as a step towards taking action and opposing the influence of external interests and stencilled images. FLUX-tours takes the “Revolution of the Romantics“ to the street : “Why don’t we do it in the road?“ (Lennon-McCartney) since “The beach lies under the paving.“ FLUXUS= art for life, art for all.

FLUX-tours in an art-project by the Caspar-David-Friedrich Institute of the University of Greifswald; responsibles: Prof. Ulrich Puritz and Marcus Schramm with the co-operation of Martha Damus, Marcus Oesterreich und Christine Schmerse. FLUX-tours co-operates with the Staatliches Museum Schwerin and is sponsored by NORDMETALL-Stiftung.


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    PDF FLUX-tours: ON THE ROAD AGAIN(opens PDF in German language only)

FLUX-tours Virtual travelling/journeys to the present
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  A “travel brochure” about the FLUX-tours travels from May to June, 2014: FLUX-tours. Reisen in die Gegen_Wart. (opens PDF in German language only)

FLUX-tours on tour: In Bydgoszcz, Poland
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Night of the performance – Where is my home ? [Wo ist mein Zuhause?], June 23-30, 2014, Galeria Miejska bwa w Bydgoszczy, Poland. Temporary blockade [Teilzeit-Barricade], FLUX-tours, 2014: Romantic word machine, Polen Bydgoszcz, FLUX-tours, 2014:

FLUX-tours on tour: In front of the Pommersches Landesmuseum, Greifswald
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On June 07, FLUX-tours came to the forecourt of the Pommersches Landesmuseum in Greifswald. Heat, low well water, interested active children, Friedrich’s painting puzzle and an area of radiant stones were already there… dust mob-aquarells […]

FLUX-tours on tour: Neuer Markt in Stralsund
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On May 23, the stationary FLUX-tours travel agency went to Stralsund. Heat and rainstorms, cellular concrete and duct tape, typewriter and brush-armour – all this was involved at Neuer Markt…

FLUX-tours on tour: Stadthafen in Rostock
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On May 16 the stationary FLUX-tours travel agency came to Stadthafen Rostock and captured all that was to be captured.

FLUX-tours on tour: Ziegenmarkt and Großer Dreesch in Schwerin
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On May 8 the ambulant FLUX-tours travel agency stopped at the “Goatmarket” [Ziegenmarkt] Schwerin (without a goat!) and on May 9 in the quarter Großer Dreesch, both stations in Schwerin. Red buckets, traces of glue […]

FLUX-tours walkabout
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Visitor, on entering the musuem… … let your eyes become butterflies. Follow them. Use camera, pen and paper for that. Be clumsy. Act without looking first. Be taken by surpise. With FLUX-tours via FLUX to […]

FLUX-tours in Klein-Amerika
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Traveller, approaching … … take a survey. Greet man and beast. Leave a message. FLUX-tours in Klein-Amerika Klein Amerika is a district of Brüsewitz near the Schwerin and not to be overlooked as such today. […]

FLUX-tours Opening
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FLUX-tours visits Ben Patterson
(t)Raum & Sehreisen

Ben Patterson celebrated his 80th birthday. First of all, he was celebrated. Bill Dietz (artistic head of the ensemble Zwischentöne) and Christian Kesten (Maulwerker) set a worthy frame. The concert programme compiled by them sported […]